Grand Opening

JUNE 20, 2015 | KLAMATH, CA

If you find yourself traveling through Northern California this summer, you don’t want to miss the stunning landscapes that surround Klamath, CA and encompass the Yurok Tribe’s homeland.  Highway 101 winds you through Redwood National Park to panoramas of the Pacific Ocean and along the rolling hills of the Klamath River. Acme recently completed retail displays and interpretive exhibits for the Yurok Country Visitor Center found along the scenic byway. Partnering with Alchemy of Design, ACME was able to create a space that pays homage to the Yurok Tribe’s homeland, traditions and language.  The visitor center also provides retail opportunities and information about activities in the area. With stunning visuals, natural wood finishes and custom touches like the redwood tree-line on the circular reception desk, ACME was able to reflect the sacred beauty of Yurok Country in every detail. A significant new attraction for the area, the local news channel, KIEM TV, provided coverage of the visitor center’s grand opening.

Yurok County Visitor Center | Canoe Exhibit - Square | Klamath, CA
Yurok County Visitor Center | Interactive Exhibit | Klamath, CA
Yurok County Visitor Center | Reception Desk - Square | Klamath, CA