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Angel Island


Angel Island Immigration Station Open to Public

Located off the coast of San Francisco, Angel Island Immigration Station stands as a reminder of the challenges millions of immigrants endured to start a new life in America.

Originally built in 1905, the Immigration Station was used to halt and control Asian entry. Utilizing the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, Angel Island would “inspect, disinfect, and detain” Asian immigrants. In 1940, a fire destroyed the main administration building and the last 200 immigrants were moved to a new facility in San Francisco.

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In 2019, Angel Island Immigration Foundation (AIISF) and California State Parks teamed up, alongside designer SecondStory, to create an immersive museum for the public. The new museum would reflect the struggles of immigrants and showcase their perseverance and successes.

Custom exhibit spaces welcome visitors to explore Angel Island. Crafted from powder-coated metal and high pressure laminated graphics, these custom features elevate visitor experiences.

The museum guides visitors across the 2,350 sqft campus during the different phases immigrants would endure while being processed. Simplified lines and bold colors capture audiences’ attention while powerful stories engage visitors to create deeper connections.

In the Shadows exhibit details the efforts made to control immigration. Stories about dealing with exclusion, detention, and restriction from the Pacific Coast.

ACME fabricated all interpretive elements in the newly renovated hospital; a total of over 60 pieces. Constructed primarily with powder-coated metal frames and custom high pressure laminated graphics, ACME’s scope increased to include archival displays interactive exhibits and custom stenciled signage.

Opening Doors and Behind the Shadows showcase the excellency of craft with their clean fabrication. While Under the Microscope provides interactive elements for visitors to enjoy.

“Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation raises awareness of the experience of immigration into America through the Pacific. AIISF collects and preserves the rich stories and personal journeys of thousands of immigrants and shares them with visitors and everyone living in American through education initiatives and public programs.”

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation Mission Statement

Factoring in the corrosive sea air materials had to be carefully considered as they would be exposed to over the years. This was a key concern our Project Manager kept in mind while sourcing.

The site conditions of working on the island also meant our team had to plan for a range of obstacles: restricted ferry schedules, equipment delivery regional forest fires, and inclement weather. Everything had to be dialed in just right to achieve a successful installation within the 2-week window.

Lead project manager, Raena Mayhew, said: “It was a pleasure to partner with SecondStory and California parks on this unique project. After a delayed opening due to COVID, we are excited the public will have the chance to experience AIISF’s mission of learning from our past.”

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The Immigration Station opened on January 22nd with a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration. Despite restrictions still in place, the AAIM had a great turnout for the virtual event. RSVP’s for tours were quickly booked for the following weeks.

AAIM looks forward to a strong year and is currently providing virtual tours for most of the site exhibits. You can see many of the exhibits currently by going to the official AIIM website:

The sprawling Angel Island Immigration Station covers an impressive 2,350 sqft. Metal signs help guide and engage guests across the site as they move through their visit.

“It was a pleasure to partner with SecondStory and California parks on this unique project. After a delayed opening due to COVID, we are excited the public will have the chance to experience AIISF’s mission of learning from our past.”

Raena Mayhew, ACME Scenic

The Opening Doors exhibit space highlights the laws the helped foster a better culture for first and second generation immigrants, as well as the stories of perseverance and hope.

Angel Island Immigration Station serves as a reminder of the history of Pacific Immigrants and the trials and tribulations they experience upon arrival. It now homes a museum that showcases the endurance, the determination, and the perseverance of the families that passed through its doors.

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