Park Works and BLM

Park Work and BLM

APR 15, 2022 | PORTLAND, OR

National Park Week and BLM

April has been quite a month in Portland, Oregon, with a wide range of weather bolstering us. Nothing like a good snowstorm in April to put everything in perspective! With National Parks week ending last Friday, it seemed like a good time to show our appreciation to the world around us.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with the National Parks Service, Bureau of Land Management, and State and Local Parks on park renovations. All of these projects worked towards providing a connection between audiences and nature, something we strongly support.

Here’s a few of the projects that we’ve completed in the past years and a few coming up as well.

Completed in 2019, Zion National Park needed updated spaces for guest services. This included new information panels along the visitor center, and a seasonal interactive exhibit for the summer months.

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Prime Meridian (NEE Post Modern Company) took the lead as Project Contract Manager and Studio Tectonic as designer. They designed and crafted an immersive experience for guests, with our team building the pieces to make it come to life.

Zion National Park | Kiosk | Zion, Utah

New signage crafted for the Zion National Park, matching the beautiful environment.  © Studio Tectonic

This project was a lot of fun for our team as we worked alongside park rangers to capture the seasonal displays needed for the exhibit. Ranging from an interactive telephone exhibit to display cases for wildlife, this project provided a lot of neat elements to aid on.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Exhibit

Sleeping Bear Dunes with updated signage to showcase the beautiful vistas and wildlife in the area.

Sleeping Bear Dunes, completed in 2021, features new signage that explores the history of the lake shore. The new panels include information about the local flora and fauna as well as some of the notable locations on the shore.

Also at the visitor center is a large relief map of the area, providing an easy way to see how the landscape is made.

Prime Meridian took the lead on this project from the Project Contract Manager position.

“The Yellowstone Fishing Bridge has been a staple at the Park since 1902, getting redone in 1937. The museum itself was the prototype for the stone-and-log architecture you see today at most National Parks.”


In the upcoming year, we have the joy to be able to work within the El Mirage National Park Visitor Center. Awarded in 2021, this project looks to be completed in the late 2022 year.

The El Mirage Visitor Center was opened in 2008, working as a bookstore and license renewal service for guests. The updates to the Visitor Center will see improved signage and exhibit spaces, allowing for more spaces to learn about the El Mirage Park.

This project is headed by Prime Meridian with Studio Tectonic supplying design services.

We’re also proud to be attached to work on upgrading the Yellowstone Fishing Bridge Museum. Awarded in 2020, this project is set to complete in late 2022.

The Yellowstone Fishing Bridge has been a staple at the Park since 1902, getting redone in 1937. The museum itself was the prototype for the stone-and-log architecture you see today at most National Parks. The current museum acts as an information portal on the lake inhabitants, and to stay in line with Park regulations.

The revisions to the Museum look to incorporate more interactive elements in the structure, as well as refine current exhibits. This has been a project long awaited by fans of Yellowstone Park.

Prime Meridian and Studio Tectonic look to lead this project with their design expertise and environmental understanding.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Exhibit

A close up of the display in Sleeping Bear Dunes. The bronze thistle impression provides an interactive, tactical experience for visitors.

There are so many things we can appreciate about our parks, but their dedication to providing a meaningful connection to your environment is unparalleled.

Working alongside the Parks to improve their facilities is always a unique experience as well; each park is similar, but also unique. Across the United States, each environment allows

Yellowstone Fishing Bridge

The Yellowstone Fishing Bridge is getting an update for the 2022 year. It will provide guests with a more immersive environment and learning experiences. ©NPS

Read more about National Park service at their website: If you want to know more about what ACME can do for you, send us an email at or give us a call at 503.335.1400.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and let us know we can improve.

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