Timberline Lodge | Main Feature | Portland, OR

From Mount Hood to The Portland International Airport (PDX)

ACME was thrilled to learn that Timberline Lodge, a National Historic Landmark was awarded a retail space within PDX, and even more thrilled to be asked by Skylab Architecture, the designer of the space, to collaborate through the crafting and installation of key artisan pieces.

Timberline Lodge is not only a historic landmark, but it is a living museum that operates as a hotel, ski area, and destination for two million visitors a year. Knowing their history and the extent of their presence within Oregon, ACME was privileged to play a part in the process. Our team harnessed their creative power to bring to life the impeccable designs of Skylab Architecture, in order to bring the aesthetic, history, and natural beauty of the lodge down the mountain.

This project was particularly unique in the variety of materials and construction methods that were utilized by our team in the fabrication of multi-faceted tables and retail fixtures. One unique method utilized was a sugi-ban “alligator” textured finish. This method is the process of burning the outside of the wood in order to create a scaly look, followed by multiple applications of a clear coating to preserve the finish. Additionally, the front bar utilized a unique method of hand-texturing with an adzed finish, as well as the creation of a custom “distressed” metal strap.

As a result of the variety that was utilized, our team grew in knowledge throughout the process, and the outcome was an array of distinct and uniquely crafted pieces. This project truly embodied our motto, ‘Dream. Craft. Captivate.’ Allowing our clients to DREAM big, so together we can CRAFT truly original environments that CAPTIVATE and inspire.