Huntington Lodge

Huntington Lodge

JUNE 21, 2021  |  BEND, OR

A Post Pandemic High Desert Retreat

Summer 2021 is here and COVID-19 restrictions are finally relaxing. After a year of what seemed like a never-ending pandemic, the last thing anyone wants to do is stay home. And with the weather starting to warm up, a vacation sounds like the perfect escape from what was once an unescapable nightmare.

We turn to the Pronghorn Resort, located near Bend, Oregon. A beautiful high desert resort, the Pronghorn Resort offers plenty of amenities to drift you into a comforting escape from your day-to-day schedule. With beautiful vistas of Mount Bachelor and Three Sisters Mountain Range, you are whisked away to a peaceful retreat. However, the most enticing piece might be the freshly reopened Huntington Lodge, the newest addition to the Pronghorn family.

Huntington Lodge | Living Room Coffee Table | Bend, OR - Square
Huntington Lodge | Headboard | Bend, OR - Square
Huntington Lodge | Dining Room | Bend, OR - Square

Built back in 2018, the Huntington Lodge would reflect not only the history of the Pronghorn area, but also provide a unique, but familiar experience within the Oregon high desert scenery. Named after the Huntington Wagon Road, the new lodge would act as providing a safe place for passersby to stay while traveling. The landscape of Pronghorn Resort reflected directly into the design inspiration, and would be a focal point throughout.

“As an ode to handcrafted culture, our furniture selection draws inspiration from Japanese, Scandinavian, and West Coast traditions. The blend of styles results in a unique and uncommon experience for anyone who visits.”

Designed by the teams of Ankrom Moisan Architecture and OMFGCO, the Lodge was inspired by the surrounding high desert environment. Almost entirely built with natural elements, it was important that not only was Huntington Lodge tranquil, but unique from other lodges. OMFGCO was careful to avoid falling into the typical Alpine setting, and made it a point to reach out to multiple craftsmen to add their perspective on the inspiration. This provided a strong foundation for OMFGCO to create a completely new experience like none other in the heart of Oregon.

Huntington Lodge | Living Room | Bend, OR

At ACME we speak in colors, textures, shapes, material and movement.​

Our team at ACME had the opportunity to assist in adding character, building over 700 pieces to be used throughout the hotels 75+ rooms. We fabricated King/Queen headboards, kitchen tables, side tables, nightstands, and more. We also fabricated a large dining room table to be used in the lobby, as well as the dining table seating. Each element of the project provided opportunity for the skills of our craftsmen to shine.

All of the stained popular living room side tables were custom crafted, each with their own faux finish distressing. Each have their own detailed groves, different from the other 33 tables before it. This incredibly small, but critical detail helped add flavor to OMFGCO’s vision of having a completely natural, spontaneous environment.

We see possibilities that others don’t.​

The King/Queen headboards proved to be extremely delicate pieces, as the woven caning inlay had to be perfectly placed within the solid walnut frame to ensure the caning was applied straight. This required careful precision by our team to make sure that the quality matched the expectation of the client, as well as the carpenter themself.

A High Desert Dream

The finished pieces bring together the natural atmosphere that OMFGCO was trying to capture when it came to the interior design. Our capabilities to deliver impeccable precision in each piece while maintaining the charm of handcrafted items was critical. Total unique, craftsmen pieces for a completely new environment.

Huntington Lodge | Nightstand | Bend, OR - Square
Huntington Lodge | Penthouse Bed | Bend, OR - Square
Huntington Lodge | Credenza | Bend, OR - Square

Pronghorn Resort opened back up for visitors in May 2020, and has been read to welcome all post-pandemic weary visitors. The Huntington Lodge has new procedures in place to ensure your health and safety as maintained, even while things start to wind down. Know that you don’t have to go far to fully escape from a post pandemic world; sometimes it’s as close as a Huntington Wagon Trail away.

“Our goal was to create something truly unique to the region and bring exciting new energy to the resort; and we are so pleased and so proud of the design firms we partnered with who have absolutely helped deliver on that vision.”

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