A Boutique Hotel Immersive Experience

APRIL 24, 2019 | SEATTLE, WA

Where creativity meets production, a venture into hospitality with a commercial interior build in the heart of Seattle, Washington. We love partnering with the Vida Design, and The State Hotel was no exception. This boutique hotel was expertly designed by them, every detail thoughtful, every space an immersive experience, and the flow from the lobby to the top-rated Ben Paris Restaurant is seamless.

For our part, we fabricated two key lighting sources for the common areas of The State Hotel including both the lobby and the Ben Paris Restaurant. The first of our fabricated lighting sources was a unique feature wall that perfectly compliments the cozy and warm lobby. The custom feature wall is comprised of over 400 doorknobs, all of which were sourced from places around the Pacific Northwest. A huge shout out to Vida’s own Sarah Albert for all of her work in sourcing the individual knobs and to our team for their dedication and hard work in making it happen. We additionally fabricated several brass column light fixtures, a staple throughout the common areas. The finished light fixtures are clean and sophisticated, while being functional for the space.

Every space at The State Hotel tells a story through unique art and custom pieces and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to watch this space come to life and be a part of making it happen. Collaboration is key, and we continue to be grateful for our partnership with Vida Design and the opportunity to bring their designs to life. If you’re ever in Seattle, we hope you’ll stop by and take a peek!

Images are courtesy of Shelsi Lindquist Photography