The Digital Experience

JUNE 15, 2017 | PORTLAND, OR

Those looking for a creative and innovative digital experience will find it here at ACME. In order to push the envelope of what’s possible, we continue to grow by adapting to meet the needs of our clients’ and the evolution of the industry.

Part of that growing included the introduction of a new position specified to the digital age. Known as our ‘Creative Technologist,’ this specialty is both streamlined and complex, blending aspects of technology into a full blown consumer experience. The complexity of this position comes through the utilization of a comprehensive skill set that includes programming, electrical engineering, as well as design (2D & 3D).

The addition of this position has given ACME the opportunity to refine our prototyping process in order to enhance and predict market trends. This forward thinking allows our clients to dream, with the expectation of an elevated result that is beyond their expectation. How do we achieve this? We accomplish this through research and development. We are committed to achieving innovative results by finding the key to blending new and old technology in each project that comes our way.

ACME’s latest digital experience involved designing, fabricating, and installing an interactive putting green for our client Lacy Maxwell, a client of DELL’s, for the PGA Matchplay Tournament. ACME created an interactive experience that captivated the user as they putted their way through a reactive projection of their choosing. In addition to the interactive putting green, ACME fabricated the kiosk where users choose between three themed experiences, including a digital golf course, outer space, and a desert to ocean theme. An e-mail capture kiosk was also fabricated that allowed the user to gain more information about their experience and how it specifically correlated with DELL. This digital consumer experience perfectly showcased ACME’s collaborative and creative nature.