The ACME Way

JULY 25, 2018 | PORTLAND, OR

As we hit mid-year, we want to take a moment and reintroduce you to ACME, who we are and where we’re going.

Situated on five acres in NE Portland, our 110,000 square foot production facility maintains fully equipped shops for custom carpentry, metal work, painting, audio-visual, lighting, and secure storage. Our team of engineers, fabricators, project managers, and installers collaborate to bring extraordinary ideas to life within the markets of commercial interiors, retail environments, museum and interpretive, and live events. We believe when you choose ACME, you choose a company that is committed to artisan-grade execution, one that demands insightful engagement, and owns our role in assuring success. Just last year we celebrated 25 years in business, and with those years we bring a unique perspective that is built from experience and creative thinking. We are a team with an incredible amount of passion, seeking to tell your story through the language of color, texture, shapes, materials, and movement.

We recently worked with Design Museum Portland on a very special community project, and speaking with Erica Rife, their Managing Director, following our involvement, we were thrilled to hear her experience. Her words not only fill us with gratitude for our team and for this incredible partnership, but they display the values we believe in so strongly and inspire us to never stop striving for excellence.

“Working with ACME is an absolute pleasure. Not only is their work exquisite, the team functions as and feels like a family. Each person is visibly passionate about creating the highest quality experience for their clients, and the attention to detail from consultation to fabrication ensures an outstanding final product.”

-Erica Rife, Managing Director, Design Museum Foundation

Our biggest passion is to allow our clients to DREAM bigger by CRAFTING environments and experiences that CAPTIVATE and inspire their audience. We hope you’ll join us!