Welcome PDX Precision Parts


ACME prides itself in producing artisan-grade quality that captivates and inspires audiences. Artisan-grade requires that we continually evaluate our capabilities, invest in technology and resources smartly, and expand when necessary. Our expansion this fall includes the addition of two new pieces of machinery, a Press Brake and Waterjet. These two machines allow for greater in-house quality control, flexibility of turnaround times, improved custom prototyping, and increased creativity with our in-house engineering team.

The waterjet utilizes a high-pressure stream of water to cut fast and accurate through various materials while maintaining the integrity of the material. The addition of the waterjet, with its 5’ x 10’ table and ability to cut through a plethora of material, even up to 5” thick, increases our in-house production capacity and capabilities. It enhances our ability to work on more complex and unique parts in-house with control of the timeline and a firsthand eye on quality. The press brake, sitting at 13 feet wide, is a machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material allowing us a greater ability to bend oversized pieces in-house. That allowance gives us control of the finished product and flexibility in scheduling.

With the expansion on our metal capabilities within our fabrication studio, we take it one step further by introducing our newest endeavor: PDX Precision Parts.

What seperates ACME from PDX Precision Parts are the scope of projects. PDX Precision Parts will be for the fabrication of quick turn parts. Unlike ACME where we have a team of installers to come and finish off those final touches, PDX Precision Parts will only be when you need something made fast, and you need a lot of them. Need custom lettering cut for an upcoming project? PDX Precision Parts is perfect for getting that made!

A neat feature we’re offering with PDX Precision Parts is the ability to also store extra parts within our warehouse facilities. You can order more than you can store at your location, and we will house it for your team until you need it ready for another project. The accessibility of having custom parts made for your team on hand takes all of the worry away.