Multnomah Village Apartments | Dogulas Fir Feature Wall | Portland, OR

Custom Fabrication for Premiere Apartments


Earlier this year ACME built and installed significant custom pieces for the Multnomah Village Apartments in Portland, OR. Our goal was to bring the creative to life through detailed custom craftsmanship, in order to aid in creating an inviting custom common area for this new high-end apartment complex.

In order to achieve our goal, in-house creativity and detail were key to the production of this space. We spent significant time with VIDA Design, the designer of the space, in order to expertly match materials and finishes to their design. Our dedication was to ensure that their design was best represented through our craftsmanship. For this space, we fabricated a custom upholstered banquette, custom upholstered lounge seating pods, a custom Douglas Fir feature wall, ceiling laminate cabinet – countertops, and upper and lower cabinets laminate art niche. It is a truly inviting space that shines with excellence.

While we had this significant goal in mind, first and foremost we believe collaboration is key! While capabilities shine in the finished product, our partnerships are what set us apart. It was a privilege to partner with both Bremik Construction and VIDA Design on this project, to collectively collaborate and learn from their capabilities. You dream, we craft, and together it captivates. Whatever your need, allow us to deliver on a space that engages your customers and enhances their experience, turning spaces into unique and aesthetically pleasing areas that tell your story.