New Balance | Retail Fixture | Portland, OR

Made in the USA Custom Fixture


When UPSHOT approached ACME to build a custom shoe fixture that was designed to encompass the essence of an American made, industrial, rustic looking hunk of functional machinery for their client NEW BALANCEwe were extremely enthusiastic about the possibilities. Incorporating the selected material pallet of steel, copper, Hickory and leather would allow us to enlist our shop’s full range of capabilities and bring all the elements together in a product that would truly look and feel—made in the USA.

UPSHOT’S vision for this project really forced us to focus on the finer details of fabrication, from custom metal work, to hand-crafted premium oiled Hickory wood, to hand-stitched leather accents, backers and straps. This project provoked a different kind of energy around the shop. Many of our clients are aiming for a different kind of display—bright, shiny and pristine.  NEW BALANCE and UPSHOTpresented a new challenge; to create weathered and aged elements that evoke the warm, raw feel of industrial craftsmanship.

In the end ACME was able to deliver three unique custom displays that look like they could have walked right out of the American Industrial Revolution. Take a closer look at the production process and ACME’s role behind the scenes with this video produced by UPSHOT.