Earth Day 2021


Sustainability & ACME

Earth day was first held on April 22, 1970 in San Francisco, California to honor the Earth. Over the years it has evolved into a worldwide event that has impacted policies towards the conservation of our environment.

As a company that directly impacts the environment it’s important that we bring awareness to the changes happening worldwide, and what we can do to help contribute to growth and understanding.

Oregon Brownfield of the Year Award, 2007

In 2007, ACME was awarded the Oregon Brownfield Award for our contributions towards the restoration of the 6-acre Lilly Property. Used as a base of operation for car companies and chemical plants, the Lilly Property had extensive soil and groundwater contamination that extended past neighboring properties.

When ACME approached the Lilly Property as a new residence, it was made clear that the space was no longer suitable for daily functions. However, for the team at ACME, the Lilly Property was perfect and no matter the time, or cost, it deserved to be restored.

Working alongside Maul Foster & Alongi, ACME started taking the steps to rebuild this Brownfield. The contamination was removed, and dry wells were replaced with stormwater treatment and a below ground infiltration gallery.

With expertise and determination, the Lilly Property soon became the new hub for ACME.

Charles Landman, legal policy advisor for the State of Oregon, Department of Environmental Quality said, “This project could not have succeeded without the great patience and persistence of ACME’s President, Jan Pederson, and his determination to acquire a work place that met the size, location and layout needs of his growing local business.”

Moving forward, current Co-Presidents Dan Carter and Suzy Alexander look to what our team can do to help give back. We look to improve our sustainability and our contributions to our surrounding community.

This Earth Day, we make it known that ACME has always been, and always will be, a company that appreciates everything the Earth has provided.