Wanderball Gala | Play in Progress | Portland, OR

A Joy Filled Partnership


ACME’s partnership with The Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) began over ten years ago. We are incredibly proud to support the very important work they do, especially considering that only 4% of all cancer research funding goes toward childhood cancers.

Each year CCA hosts the Wonderball Gala, held at the Oregon Convention Center. ACME partners with CCA to help with the install and labor of the event, and donates our time to help their worthy cause. The 2016 Wonderball Gala was themed to be on point with 1950s Cuban nightlife, and with ACME’s great shop skills, we were able to donate a fabricated item for their main stage set-up, to complement the speakers and dancers.

This year ACME created a ‘JOY’ sign that lit up on cue, as per the lighting designer’s needs. The ACME team also helped to install a large hanging banner over the parking garage, as well as help place items for the event. A special thank you to our ACME team members for their exemplary service to CCA; Josh Blakeman, Jon Ellis, Melissa Esslemont, Drew Flint, Tyler McEntire, Ed O’Leary, Dan Urion and Phil Wilde.

We continue to be honored to partner with CCA and we are grateful for their heartfelt testimonial of our service to them for this year’s Wonderball Gala.

“…It’s because of your team, that we were able to create an incredible environment that inspired our guests to GIVE. Ultimately, raising funds for seriously ill children and teens. We truly, can’t thank you enough.”

-Christine Mebesius, Special Events Manager for CCA

Wanderball Gala | Play in Progress | Portland, OR