We are delighted to present the fresh face of ACME. Working with DHX advertising, we have developed an identity that reflects just how far we have come in our 25 years. The smart, new look speaks to the passion, artistry, insightful engagement and reliability our clients have come to expect from us.

Our new tagline: DREAM. CRAFT. CAPTIVATE. embodies the essence of what motivates us to do what we do—ACME is not just a custom fabrication and event production studio. We allow our clients to DREAM bigger by interjecting a higher level of ingenuity into every space and experience we CRAFT. Our dedication to artisan-grade quality leads to truly original environments that CAPTIVATE and inspire your audience.

The ACME promise is artisan-grade execution. Artisan-grade is a level of execution well above simple craftsmanship and fabrication. It demands that every idea and every challenge is given the full measure of our collective expertise and creativity. Artisan-grade is a level of proficiency in both craft and service that delights our clients and those who experience their vision brought to life.

So go ahead, dream bigger.