DESIGNER: Studio Tectonic

Congress created the Tenth Circuit to adapt to the rapid expansion of the Union, having jurisdiction over a majority of the Rocky Mountain areas. At the turn of the century, the Byron White U.S. Courthouse wanted to pay homage to the legacy that had shaped the US Judicial history within it’s halls. They requested an interactive exhibit that would not only educate, but also reflect the values of it’s presiding members.

Studio Tectonic started initial concept planning in 2017, finalizing the design in 2018 and reaching out to fabricators. With ACME’s long history of working with Studio Tectonic in various Museum & Interpretive pieces, our team promised to deliver the quality we had delivered all the times before. 

This project required a keen eye to detail with many of the pieces directly inspired by the architecture of the Byron White Courthouse. It was integral that each piece fabricated was a direct replica of the original, with or without blueprints. Additionally, the Byron White Courthouse was still in use during installation, and our team of installers had to work while maintaining sound levels that were conducive to a working environment.

Exhibit Space

“The main feature within the exhibit are interactive wall paneling and kiosks with custom accents reminiscent of the Byron White Architecture. Metal window frames adorn the top of the free standing MDF panels, and aluminum banners that weave in-between.”

  • Free Standing Painted Precision & MDF Boards with Hidden Steel Support Beams.

  • Aluminum Pipping Window Panes with White Powder Coat Finish.

  • Aluminum Ribbon Bridges with Sintra Graphic VHB.

Tenth Circuit Court | Wall Graphic 2 | Denver, CO
Tenth Circuit Court | Architecture Exhibit - Square | Denver, CO
Tenth Circuit Court | Court Room Graphic - Square | Denver, CO
Tenth Circuit Court | Ram Statue Stand - Square | Denver, CO
Tenth Circuit Court | Exhibit Stand - Square | Denver, CO


The significance of this piece, and the meaning that it held to the people within the Tenth Circuit, was perfectly captured. A beautiful exhibit, dedicated to the longevity of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, not only in design, but also in the fabrication. This piece stands as a reminder of how far we’ve come, and much further we will continue to go.

All Photography Used (c) Seth Frankel


Colorado State University | Sitting Area - Square | Fort Collins, CO


Museum & Interpretive

The Department of Biology building at Colorado State University (CSU) features unique and immersive exhibits that encompass a range of custom wall-mounted elements and lighting effects.