DESIGNER: Vida Design

The corner of 23rd & Jackson is a century old local hub in the Seattle, Washington. This has been the site of constantly shifting encounters and events, a mixture of cultures coming together. At 44,000 sqft and 532 units the new Jackson Apartments crafted stories built from the history of the Central District area. Each one unique, but ultimately unified.

Vida Design & Exxel Pacific tapped ACME to help fabricate the vision for the interior of Jackson Apartments. The interior would be heavily involved and needed fabrication service that would be capable of being highly adaptable and provide craftsmanship quality throughout. Having worked with both companies previously, it was an easy choice for fabrication specialist.

The main priority for our team was maintaining coordination throughout the fabrication process. COVID-19 had created unexpected delays in all levels of production, but that wouldn’t stop our team from ensuring deliverables arrived on time and installed seamlessly. The intricate, detailed final designs provided unique challenges for our engineering team. With consistent, collaborative conversations, designer and drafter worked together to create workable drawings that maintained design integrity.

CLIENT: Exxel Pacific

23rd & Jackson | Gallery Lobby | Seattle, WA

Gallery Lobby

The Gallery Lobby is the perfect place for a cup of coffee before you start the day. Custom fabricated banquettes fill the space that are not only beautiful, but functional. Each banquette came with integrated electricity, providing power outlets to patrons at each seat. A custom power-coated metal frame accents the space with “floating” frames that showcases local artists and adds a pop of greenery to the space.

  • Laminated White Oak Banquette Bases, with Clear Coat

  • Custom Powder-Coated Metal Frame and Planter Boxes

  • Custom Upholstery with Variety of Material and Sizes

23rd & Jackson | Gallery Lobby Planter Banquette | Seattle, WA - Square
23rd & Jackson | Gallery Upholstery Detail | Seattle, WA - Square
23rd & Jackson | Gallery Lobby Planter Box Detail | Seattle, WA - Square
23rd & Jackson | Gallery Corner Banquette | Seattle, WA - Square

Co-Work Lounge

Collaboration was a key to the success in this corner of Seattle, and the Co-Work Lounge captured that spirit perfectly. With an open lobby space with a custom island bar, a curved banquette with custom metal shelving with integrated lighting, and large banquette, this space provides ample opportunity to work together. Down the hallway features another banquette island and additional pod spaces with White Oak separators.

  • Laminated White Oak Island Base, with Clear Coat

  • Custom Upholstery with “Keleen

  • Powder-Coated Metal Shelving Unit with Integrated Lighting Throughout Frame

  • Laminated White Oak Ceiling, Back, and ‘Fin’ Wall in Pod Space

23rd & Jackson | Co-Work Lounge | Seattle, WA
23rd & Jackson | Co-Work Island Banquette | Seattle, WA - Square
23rd & Jackson | Co-Work Main Lobby | Seattle, WA - Square
23rd & Jackson | Co-Work Typewriter Nook | Seattle, WA - Square
23rd & Jackson | Co-Work Pod | Seattle, WA - Square
23rd & Jackson | Music Lounge | Seattle, WA

Music Lounge

“ACME fabricated the custom wet bar cabinetry and metal shelving unit with glass inline. The cabinetry is fabricated with high end Fenix material with a soft-touch, matte effect, and the custom metal shelving has a copper powder coat finish”

  • Fenix NTM Cabinetry

  • Metal Shelving Unit with Copper Powder Coat Finish, and Glass Inline

Social Lounge

“The Social Lounge features the same Fenix material as the Music Lounge, but has a custom tile work covering the exterior portions. ACME also fabricated the corner-end banquette pieces with a stain finish on the laminated white oak base.”

  • Fenix NTM Cabinetry

  • Laminated White Oak Banquette Base, with Dark Stain Finish

23rd & Jackson | Social Lounge | Seattle, WA
23rd & Jackson | Sky Lounge Banquette | Seattle, WA

Sky Lounge

“Custom cabinetry and upholstery are the main focal points of the fabrication provided in the Sky Lounge. The back wall shelving accent uses metal throughout, with custom powder coated screens up front to provide a visual break.”

  • Laminated White Oak Banquette Base, with White Wash Finish

  • Custom Upholstery with “Kvadrat“, “Textus“, and “Keleen

  • Metal Shelving Unit with Black Powder Coat Finish

  • Fenix NTM Cabinetry

23rd & Jackson | Sky Lounge Casework | Seattle, WA - Square
23rd & Jackson | Sky Lounge Metal Shelving | Seattle, WA - Square
23rd & Jackson | Sky Lounge Shelving | Seattle, WA - Square
23rd & Jackson | Sky Lounge Pod | Seattle, WA - Square

From Designer, to Fabricator

Vida Design Sky Lounge Render23rd & Jackson | Sky Lounge | Seattle, WA


23rd & Jackson is now the home of a beautiful multi-family complex that features unique fabrication throughout the common areas. Tenants who arrive to this building will not only experience the community flowing within the halls, but also the quality built into each custom piece.

To read more about 23rd & Jackson, check out our blog featuring Vida Design and the Jackson Apartments.

All Photography Used (c) Shelsi Linquist Photography


Huntington Lodge | Nightstand | Bend, OR - Square


Commercial Interior

Newest addition to Pronghorn Resort just outside of Bend, OR. ACME built much of the bespoke, hand built furniture for the entirety of the hotel’s 70-plus rooms. The furniture included custom headboards, bed frames, night stands, consoles, coffee tables, side tables, and dining tables.