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Las Adelitas | Breaking Ground in Cully Neighborhood

LAS ADELITAS MAY 20, 2021 | PORTLAND, OR Breaking Ground in Cully Neighborhood Living Cully and Hacienda Community Development Corporation (Hacienda CDC) broke ground on March 12th, 2021 on their upcoming construction project titled, Las Adelitas. Las [...]


Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals | Honoring the Legacy of Justice

TENTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS MAY 10, 2021  |  DENVER, CO Honoring the Legacy of Justice Back in July 2020, ACME teamed up with Studio Tectonic to fabricate a new exhibit for the Tenth Circuit Court [...]


Earth Day 2021 | Sustainability & ACME

EARTH DAY 2021 APRIL 22, 2021 | PORTLAND, OR Sustainability & ACME Earth day was first held on April 22, 1970 in San Francisco, California to honor the Earth. Over the years it has evolved into a [...]


23rd & Jackson | Revitalizing the Legacy of 23rd & Jackson

APRIL 5, 2021  |  SEATTLE, WA Revitalizing the Legacy of 23rd & Jackson Sitting just shy of the banks of Lake Washington, in Seattle, WA is the newly constructed multi-family apartment complex Jackson Apartments. Owned by Vulcan [...]


ACME Team | Celebrating Employees Achievement

Celebrating Employee Achievement JUNE 28, 2019 | PORTLAND, OR Recently, we celebrated an important employee milestone at ACME. Toney Chiddick, our Warehouse Supervisor, has been with ACME for 20 years! Those that have visited our building or crossed paths with Toney onsite know [...]


The Sneeze Guard Guide | All About Plexiglass Barriers

Plexiglass to the Rescue The fight against Covid-19 is a fight against droplets. We’re up against the most high-speed actions that the body is capable of: Sneezing and Coughing. A sneeze can send droplets flying 30 feet, at speeds up to 100 mph. To [...]



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