Established in 1992.

ACME was founded over 25 years ago by three craftsmen with a passion for the stage. Blending their backgrounds in rock n’ roll, theater, and television production, they set up shop building custom environments for the entertainment industry.

Over the years, we’ve grown by adapting to meet our clients’ needs. By doing so, we have become a more nimble, more creative, and more innovative partner—bringing a whole lot more to the table.

We’ve expanded our breadth of services a number of times. First with corporate event production—we formed a dedicated live events team, created an inventory of fixtures, and moved to a larger space to provide warehousing for our customers. We added a full service cabinet shop, which allowed us to grow our project base to include retail environments and exhibits for museums and trade shows. We now have in-house fabrication capabilities to fulfill a complete range of environmental design requests.

We continue to evolve as we are always trying to make the experience better and change in stride with our clients’ needs.  We’ll always do what we do best—create artisan-grade, original environments that captivate and inspire audiences.