We are looking for a dedicated, skilled Press Brake Operator who will be crossed trained across metal shop positions. Metal work must maintain tolerances and meet expected aesthetic levels. Must be able to produce finish quality work. There are many creative opportunities to collaborate and problem solve to achieve results, often in a short timeline.

Press Brake Responsibilities

  • Must operate 10’ Hydraulic Press Brake.
  • Must maintain tolerances throughout each run of parts.
  • Ability to lay out parts from shop drawings.
  • Ability to communicate with Drafting, Project Managers, and Builders about processes and problems.
  • Perform quality control of raw material, parts received, and parts produced.
  • Must maintain Press Brake and Press Brake area in a neat and orderly fashion.
  • Must be willing to “float” when necessary to assist at Water Jet, Wood Shop, etc.

General Metal Fabrication Responsibilities

  • Must be able to Tig weld 18 gauge steel, as well as aluminum.
  • Machining skills are a plus. Basic Mill and Lathe skills.
  • Must be able to fabricate from shop drawings with a minimum of supervision.
  • Must be able to finish and dress welds to clients approval.
  • Must be able to actively problem solve.
  • Ability to perform repairs on finished metal.
  • Must perform Weld Test.


  • 3 Years of Relevant Experience Preferred