Zion National Park, located in Southern Utah, offers over 229 miles of unbelievable views of natural rock formations and landscapes. Receiving 4.2 million visitors in 2018, our team was excited to have the chance to work within this increasingly popular National Park. Beyond producing events and fabricating for retail and commercial spaces, ACME also builds-out permanent museums and exhibits and the Zion National Park project is a perfect example of this. ACME worked in partnership with Studio Tectonic, the designer, and Post Modern Company, the project contract lead and management, in transforming both the Zion National Park Visitor Center and Zion Nature Center. 

With so many visitors frequenting the Zion Visitor Center, Studio Tectonic created a thoughtful design that upgraded the aesthetic of the space. Their design also enhanced the exhibits to clearly communicate content applicable to visitors while also being user friendly. ACME fabricated unique pieces like irregular shaped metal frames to protect graphic edges, porcelain enamel wall panels with an updatable surface to display daily trail weather data, hanging header panels with 3D lettering, and video kiosk panels for visitor access to park information.

Also located within the Park, the Zion Nature Center houses exhibits, activities, books, and games for children and families to explore. The design from Studio Tectonic for this space brought an upgrade and complete refresh. ACME fabricated custom cabinetry including a reception desk & bookcase to match the existing millwork, digital prints that were applied onsite to existing Park wall panels, custom printed commercial carpet for the presentation area, and an audio interactive that allows children to listen to various wildlife recordings.

It was an honor to be a part of a project within the National Park Service and to partner again with Studio Tectonic and Post Modern Company. You can learn more about the unique and thoughtful design by visiting Studio Tectonic.

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Images are courtesy of Seth Frankel of Studio Tectonic