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The Sneeze Guard Guide | All About Plexiglass Barriers

By |July 21st, 2020|

Plexiglass to the Rescue The fight against Covid-19 is a fight against droplets. We’re up against the most high-speed actions that the body is capable of: Sneezing and Coughing. A sneeze can send droplets flying 30 feet, at speeds up to 100 mph. To defend against this, many organizations invest in plexiglass barriers known as Sneeze Guards. This article explores sneeze guards as a social distance solution. You’ll learn about recommendations from leading health experts, the use of plexiglass barriers in America, cleaning methods, and advice when choosing sneeze guards of your own. What do the Experts Say? Health [...]


  • Columbia grain offices with newly installed social distancing barriers

Achieving Social Distance in an Open-Plan Office | ACME Teams Up with Columbia Grain International

By |June 9th, 2020|

CGI's Social Distance Conundrum Columbia Grain International was one of many companies facing this question: How can we keep our employees safe when they return to the office? American workers are weighing the risks of coming back to their jobs, making it more important than ever to promote hygiene in the workplace. To find a social distancing solution, Columbia Grain reached out to our team here at ACME Scenic and Display. Columbia Grain International is a worldwide grain and pulse supplier. Their business operates across the northern United States. ACME’s mission was to create custom social distancing barriers for [...]


  • A wide shot of the front of a grocery store called Zupan's Markets. Newly installed protective barriers can be seen on each front register
  • custom protective barrier installed at a desk at concordia chiropracic

Creating Healthy Environments | ACME Upgrades Local Businesses

By |May 27th, 2020|

Outfitting Zupan's Markets: For 28 years, ACME has designed environments that captivate and inspire. While this work continues, we’ve also embraced the opportunity to help our partners reimagine their business environments with public health in mind. This spring, we outfitted local businesses with custom protective barriers. ACME teamed up with a local grocery chain, Zupan’s Markets, to upgrade their three locations. Our team designed protective barriers for the flower counter, smoothie bar, cheese aisle, registers, and coffee station. Zupans’ new acrylic shields flow with each location, matching the look and feel. Together, we achieved storewide protection. As a result, [...]


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