Colorado State University | Communities Exhibit Details | Fort Collins, CO

Department of Biology New Exhibits


The unique and immersive exhibits housed in the brand new Department of Biology building at Colorado State University (CSU) fall within the museum and interpretive realm with various wall-mounted elements and lighting effects. ACME partnered closely with Studio Tectonic, the exhibit designer and planner of this project, as the exhibit fabricator and played a key role in translating their design from concept to reality.

This challenging and exciting project encompassed everything from wood to glass, including various custom design elements like graphic backer panels, glass writing walls, massive edge-lit photos, and multiple display cases. This multi-layered design fills the hallways of the new building with color and artifacts ranging from butterflies and pinecones to life-size bears! The finished product is quite the visual spectacle and we are thrilled with our client’s reaction,

“ACME did a great job on this project. We have heard nothing but wonderful comments about their work. One person was almost brought to tears.”
-Brent Haselden, Project Manager, Haselden Construction

If you are interested in learning more, Studio Tectonic put together a wonderful video (see below) that encompasses the strategic thought and unique details that went into the concept, design, build-out, and installation of the exhibits. Also, a huge shout-out to the team that made it all possible!

  • Studio Tectonic (Exhibit Designer and Planner)
  • Haselden Construction / Hord Coplan Macht Architects (Design/Build Team)
  • ACME (Exhibit Fabricator)
  • Hefferan Lighting Partnership (Exhibit Lighting)
  • Avalis Wayfinding (Wayfinding Fabricator)

All images are courtesy of Seth Frankel of Studio Tectonic.