On Wednesday, August 17, Jessica DeVries, ACME’s Creative Technologist participated in an AR/VR Workshop at Oregon Story Board. Oregon Story Board strives to support digital storytelling and to expand access to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies. In the workshop Jessica learned about how Augmented and Virtual Realities are the latest evolution of storytelling.  ACME is inspired to continue using these technologies in collaboration with our clients to tell stories of human experience.

Jessica shared, “At the workshop we experienced these advances in AR/VR firsthand. There were several demonstrations using low end VR headsets such as Google Cardboards and Samsung Gears, and we were surrounded in new realities using high end Oculus Rifts and HTC Vives. We also had the opportunity to use Microsoft’s premiere AR device, the Hololens, which has not yet been released.”  Unlike VR headsets that immerse a user in a new world, the Hololens maps holograms on the world around you, adding new information.  While the initial use of these technologies was for gaming and entertainment, telling stories with VR/AR can serve several purposes: driving sales, encouraging collaboration, aiding in design/visualization and construction, and educating the user in a unique, personal way.

As ACME works with clients to tie-in innovation and craft new experiences, we can support their dreams of using leading-edge technology to captivate audiences with exciting brand stories.  We can show how new technology can effectively get the right message across in an unforgettable way.  Augmented and Virtual Reality devices are bringing ideas and people together, and will become ubiquitous in the next few years.