25 Years in Business And More to Come


A milestone is fast approaching for ACME as we celebrate 25 years in business on September 25th! Established in 1992, ACME was founded by three craftsmen with a passion for the stage. Blending their backgrounds in rock n’ roll, theater, and television production, they set up shop building custom environments for the entertainment industry.

Throughout the years, ACME has grown its services to meet the needs of our clients, as well as to adapt to trends within the industry. As we’ve expanded, our focus has remained locked on our clients. Company President, Dan Carter remarked, “25 years has brought knowledge that is built through experience and innovation by being dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of our clients.” We’ve dedicated ourselves for 25 years to artisan-grade quality that leads to truly original environments that captivate and inspire audiences. Our goal is to always allow our clients to dream bigger by interjecting a higher level of ingenuity into every space and experience we craft.

Currently situated on five acres, our 110,000 square foot production facility maintains fully equipped shops for custom carpentry, metal work, painting, audio-visual, lighting, and secure storage. ACME’s 75+ member team of engineers, fabricators, project managers, and installers collaborate to bring extraordinary ideas to life within the markets of commercial interiors, retail environments, museum and interpretive, and live events. We’re saying cheers to this 25 year old journey, and looking forward to the possibilities to come!

We hope you’ll join us!